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Cocktail Sets, Barware, Bitters, Syrups and more

Discover cocktail shaker sets and other barware accessories

Shop hundreds of high quality products for your bar or home bar such as essential bar tool sets, high quality angostura bitters, mixing spoons and other mixology sets.

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Cocktail accessories to make perfect drinks

Is creating cocktails your favorite activity? Are you a professional bartender or a hobbyist who likes to use the best tools and ingredients? Alambika offers a wide selection of bar accessories to help professionals and amateurs to create amazing drinks. Find high quality cocktail shaker sets, mixing glasses, strainers, the perfect mixing spoon or beautiful copper cocktail jiggers in our online cocktail collection.

Barware accessories and cocktail ingredients for sophisticated results

You will be able to find all the ingredients you need to create impressive high-end cocktails, such as our delicious artisanal cocktail syrups, our cocktail garnishes, the famous Angostura bitters or Peychaud bitters and even more!

In this category you will find all the bar tools and all the ingredients you need to equip yourself at home, or in a professional bar! Quality and reasonably priced, our bar tools are all available in different colors and options; stainless, gold or copper versions. In short, this collection gives you access to a wide selection of cocktail accessories allowing you to make all your cocktail recipes!

Cocktail shaker sets and other accessories for special cocktails

With one of the largest range of cocktail accessories in Canada, Alambika has something for everyone. You can find specialized cocktailware, such as ice picks, citrus presses and muddlers, ice crushing machines, etc. Everything to push your knowledge to the next level.

Wide range of cocktail glasses

Alambika offers cocktail glasses for every taste and every need. From the classic martini cup to the extravagant tiki mug, there are many styles you can explore. Cups and stemmed glasses for your cocktails served up, highballs or Collins for large cocktails and tumblers or lowball for your smaller cocktails. You will certainly find the perfect glass for your next creation, or a tiki glass set for your next Tropical Happy Hour!