Lehmann Glass

750ml - Lehmann Lallement #1 Tannic Ultra Light Soufflé Bouche

  •  Capacity : 77 cl
  • Height : 255 mm
  • Diameter : 109 mm
  • Ultralight mouth blown
  • Lead-free crystal

This glass with elegant curves and a very thin stem is doing well for more costly red wines. Its rather narrow mouth will concentrate the aromas towards your nose, without however making the liquid run out of air, which could ruin your olfactory experience. Its thinness and lightness will surprise more than one, and these qualities are largely due to the fact that it is made of mouth-blown crystalline glass. 


Lehmann Glass is always in search of innovative designs that will directly influence how we taste wine, through a timeless aesthetic and elegant curves. The range of their entire collection goes from the everyday sturdier glass to the extremely light and refined one.

Lehmann Glass was born in Reims (Champagne region) in 1988. The company of 39 employees is steered by two passionate people : Gérard Basset, best sommelier of the world in 2010, and mentor of a generation of dedicated wine professionals ; and Gérard Lehmann, a glass designer of over 30 years of experience, who has collaborated with the most distinguished wine houses in France.

Lehmann Glass has always used its experience and expertise to serve French wine producers and vineyards, and that quality is now brought to the general public. They now have expanded their collection with beautiful wine accessories, as well as some spirit glasses, who have benefitted of the same careful treatment which so much defines Lehmann Glass.