Bittermens - Grapefruit & Hops


Small batch bitters are making their mark on the cocktail scene. In cities like New York, Boston and San Francisco, cocktail enthusiasts and bartenders are rediscovering long lost recipes and coming up with new signature flavors which help create the palate of the New American Cocktail.

Avery and Janet Glasser launched Bittermens in 2010, contributing to the recent bitters rebirth. All their bitters are made in their Brooklyn facilities. Alambika is happy to provide Bittermens bitters to cocktails enthusiats across Canada through the website and at the Montreal store.


Bittermens à fait sa marque dans le monde du cocktail. Notamment dans des villes comme New York, Boston et San Francisco, les amateurs de cocktails et les bartenders redécouvrent des vieilles recettes et les joignent à des nouvelles saveurs signatures.

Avery et Janet Glasser ont lancé Bittermens en 2010, ce qui a concorder au retour sur le marché des bitters. Tous leurs bitters sont fabriqué à Brooklyn.