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Boston Shaker - Large Stainless 28oz


This stainless steel timpani, combined with a small 16oz cheater, will help you create the famous Boston Shaker.

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  • Hello, I recently bought a cocktail glass with recipes on it with a diameter of 91mm, and am looking for a shaker that would fit over it. Do you have any? Thank you!


    Actually, most metal shaker tins - if not all the ones - we are aware of have a 91mm inner diameter. This means that the glass widest diameter has to be a tad less. Our standard glass boston pint is 89-90mm. Just  1 mm or 2 allows to the glass part to go deep enough (10-15mm) inside the metal part. You can always take a chance, but glass parts or cheater tins (smaller metal ones that replace the glass part) are cheap. Hopefully this helps,  although it was a bit more ambiguous than a yes / no reply.

    Kind regards, Alambika Cocktail Team.