Who is Prosyro?

Prosyro is a 100% Canadian owned and run company producing high quality cocktail syrups, reserved for professional use as a first step, as of September 2019, the range is available for individuals. They use fruits from Okanagan, Niagara Valley and Quebec's agricultural lands. Most other fruits come from the Americas as well; minimizing built in transportation costs and the environmental footprint of the drinks. Revolute are the dark times when choices were limited to either boring industrial syrups, or the laborious and perpetual confection of homemade syrups by employees already overwhelmed.

Prosyro has the largest selection of high quality syrups and pre-assembled cocktails that mix and match between each other perfectly. Rich and deep taste is created by fruits and herbs without any artificial flavours and these products are perfect for both cocktails and mocktails.

The brand has 2 lines of syrups: pre-assembled cocktails that are perfectly balanced and provide a consistent result every time. Our favourites are Moscow Mule and Cosmopolitan; single flavor syrups are a concentrated essence of the fruits themselves- try Yuzu, passion fruit or strawberry. They all are amazing!

Originally made with professional bartenders in mind, these beautifully rich syrups have perfectly calibrated pH levels, allowing them to be stored at room temperature without necessity of refrigeration after opening.

Prosyro is widely used across bars and restaurants across North America as they provide specific and precise flavor, cut down preparation time, are shelf stable for at least a year even after opening and are made out of natural ingredients. Among the bars who use Prosyro are Bar George (Montreal), Fairmounts across Canada, Time-Out Market and others.

The syrups are also used by at-home bartenders who want to easily create restaurant-worthy cocktails with great and consistent results and are good for the beginners who is at the start of their cocktail and mocktail journey.