Lehmann Glass

Black- 350ml -Lehmann Oenomust (Blind Tasting)


350ml (11.6oz)
Dimensions: 184mm x 94mm

  • Ideal for blind tastings
  • Lead-free HP crystal glass

Drinking wine is an experience that calls for all the senses, and the Oenomust glasses really take that principle to the next level. Visually striking and different than most glasses, this unusual shape serves a very defined purpose that aims at stimulating the smelling and tasting senses. Its generous form allows a controlled rotation, to easily oxygenate the wine as it is maintained at the base of the glass. The higher rounded part tightens into the lip of the glass and densifies the aromas in its head for exceptional richness, which will be perceived by the nose. To finish, the finesse of the lip at last reveals the entirety of the wine’s flavours to the taster's palate.

This black glass hides the color of the wine, which is very indicative of the origins of the grapes, therefore influencing the taster's opinion of the said liquid. It is then perfect for blind tastings.

«The Oenomust is simply a real flavor revealer.»
G. Basset, best sommelier in the world


Its innovative designs influence how we taste wine, through a timeless aesthetic and elegant curves. The simple, compact ranges aim to satisfy both amateur and professionals, as they are designed for everyday use.

The Lehmann SA society was born in Reims (Champagne region) in 1988. The company of 39 employees is steered by two passionate people…
Gérard Basset, best sommelier in the world 2010, and mentor of a generation of dedicated wine professionals.
Gérard Lehmann, glass designer for over 30 years, having collaborated with the most distinguished wine houses in France.

Lehmann SA has always used its experience and expertise to serve French wine producers and vineyards. It is therefore natural that the Company is today turning its attention to developing products for the retail and catering trade.