Stewart & Claire

Lip Balm - Organic Old Fashioned

  • Cedar, bitter orange and a bit of vanilla
  • Organic and all natural lip balms
  • Based in Brooklyn



Stewart & Claire make lip balms that elevate the everyday. While drinking well-made martinis, it occurred to co-founder Kristin Donnelly that mixing cocktails is a lot like blending ingredients to create lip balm. After a year or so of tinkering, she developed a line of organic, all-natural lip balms that her lips liked better than others on the market. A cookbook author and former Food & Wine magazine editor, Kristin knew that with any kind of alchemy, it was important to start with great ingredients; in the case of the lip balm, she uses organic oils and butters and golden beeswax. They launched their little company in Manhattan in 2011 and soon after moved to Brooklyn. They recently relocated to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they continue to create new products and sneak in the occasional cocktail while raising their small daughter.