Saji R2 - Gyuto Long 240mm


The Gyuto is the standard chef knife among Japanese cutlery. Contrary to its American version, the Gyuto doesn't have a bolster at the junction of handle and blade. It also sports a thinner, harder blade large enough to do most of the kitchen work, making it a perfect tool for the seasoned cook.

The Saji R2 Gyuto 240mm is made by Takeshi Saji, a third-generation blacksmith working in Takefu. This Japanese city is known for the making of quality knives for the last 700 years. 

Due to perfect weight distribution between blade and handle, the handling of the knife is ergonomic and optimal.

The heel of the blade is rounded inward to allow a more comfortable use of the pinch grip. The heart of the blade is made of the incredible resilient R2 powdered steel. This chef japanese cooking knife is perfect for daily use.