Scrappy's Bitters - Firewater


Scrappy’s Bitters is the first New American bitters company to commercially produce handcrafted bitters. Although officially launching in 2008, the journey to develop and perfect their recipes and techniques began years ago.

The company draw its inspiration from the Old World, utilizing small-batch, handcrafted techniques that allow them to control the quality of their bitters on a level not yet achievable by robots. These guys know it because in their never ending quest to create the best bitters possible, they tested almost every modern-day commercial production technique and consistently discovered that there is no substitute for our original methods. Every component of Scrappy's Bitters has been thoroughly considered and developed by the craftmen, by hand.

Alambika is more than happy to offer Scrappy's Bitters products in Canada and at the Montreal store. We're sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do!