Tsunehisa Tsuchime - sujihiki 240mm Cherry Wood Handle Hammered AS


The tsunehisa tsuchime series is made from Aogamie Super carbon steel clad. 
The hammer finish on every one is unique and you'll enjoy looking at the knife almost as much as you'll love using it!
The stainless clad aogami super should retain its edge well and it's reasonably easy to maintain and sharpen so the knife will last as long as you want it to and perform time after time. 
Tha handle is Cherry wood and red pakka ferule in oval shape, traditionnal japanese "Wa" . 

All knives from Masakage are handmade by Master Blacksmiths of Takefu's village and hand sharpened by one of Japan's best knife sharpeners, Takayuki Shibata san. When these knives come out of the box they have an amazing sharpness and will stay sharp for an extremely long time due to Shibata san's masterful technique. Alambika is extremely happy to import and retail japanese knives from Takefu village in Canada. The whole kitchen knife collection can be seen and handled at our Montreal store.